CSS not applied when switching the language to en

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 Hey Shopify community, looking for some help here. 


We've been working with a store that is using Shopify's Translate & Adapt app. Their default language is Icelandic and there are no issues here as we're seeing the CSS getting applied. However, if we switch the store to English, the CSS on our widget is no longer applied. 


We investigated and found the following:


Insomnia accessing directly Shopify API for this store: (custom styles are having proper value)





The output when console logging in the liquid file of the theme on /en endpoint:

Code used: console.log( {{ shop.metafields.zapiet | json }} );



When the language is not /en, the values are correct. We've tried reaching out to Shopify partner support, but they've asked us to post here. Any help would be appreciated!

Klaudia from Zapiet
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