Customizing Product Colors: How to Showcase Variants Effectively?

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I need help figuring out how to showcase different product variants, like colors (e.g., black, red, blue), on my website. Specifically, I want customers to see only the pictures of the color they choose, such as selecting black and seeing all black product images. I asked support, but they don't have that feature yet. I also tried following a tutorial on youtube, but it didn't work since the tutorial was for an older version of the platform. Does anyone have ideas on how to solve this?

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Currently Shopify does not provide functionality that you required. But can do it using custom JS. You have add color value of image in admin from it's alt property. And After that you just have to setup click event on variant options which will show and hide product images based on selected value.

I know it's little tedious to add alt text to product when there is way to many products in the store but I don't think currently there is any other way to do it.

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Yes there are few alter ways.

But non of them are fully automatic


1. Scripting: You can hire a developer who enable active swatches

In this process you will have to add alt text to all your product images so script can identify which image to show when user clicked on swatch.


2. Metafields/Metaobjects: Same hire a developer or you can set it up as well but you will have to write some HTML code for storefront.

In this process you will have to list your different color product as different product and link them to the product you want to show.

here a example using metafield yes you can adjust the size and layout



So whatever method you need I can set it up.


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