Error during metafield force-creation using GraphQL API

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I am facing the an issue while force-creating an metafield definition. I have following error message:


"message": "Variable $definition of type MetafieldDefinitionInput! was provided invalid value for forceCreate (Field is not defined on MetafieldDefinitionInput)"


Can anyone please help me with it?

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Hi @sratna 👋


It looks like you're using the `metafieldDefinitionCreate` mutation and running into issue with building the variable inputs. The `MetafieldDefinitionInput` fields doesn't have a `forceCreate` field in version 2022-10. Would you kindly share the version you're using and the full variables payload so that we can take a closer look? Please be sure to redact any private information!

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Thanks for the reply.


Here is my mutation: 

  mutation CreateMetafieldDefinition($definition: MetafieldDefinitionInput!) {
    metafieldDefinitionCreate(definition: $definition) {
      createdDefinition {
      userErrors {
And the variables:
definition: {
            "name": "ID",
            "namespace": "test",
            "key": "id",
            "description": "ID",
            "type": "single_line_text_field",
            "ownerType": "PRODUCT",
            "forceCreate": true,

Not sure which shopify-admin-graphql version I am using. I am using graphql client from `@Shopify/shopify-api -

5.0.0`, so I guess its using the latest version (2022-10). 
So, like you said forceCreate is not there in `MetafieldDefinitionInput`, so is there an alternative way to forceCreate a metafield definition? 
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Hi @ShopifyDevSup currently we're on version 2023-07 and looks like the `forceCreate` field still not available on the API.

Do you know if there is any other workaround to create a Metafield Definition from existing Metafields?