Get customer's metafields using GraphQL

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We are Logeecom and we created the Packlink application. We tried to get customer's metafield definitions using GraphQL and request was sent using GraphiQL application. Response we are getting is Internal error. Payload of request:

query { metafieldDefinitions(first:250, ownerType: CUSTOMER) { edges { node { id, name } } } }


  "errors": [
      "message": "Internal error. Looks like something went wrong on our end.\nRequest ID: 83b5f25b-677c-4f17-b801-31cca1c5fc97-1710936919 (include this in support requests).",
      "extensions": {
        "code": "INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR",
        "requestId": "83b5f25b-677c-4f17-b801-31cca1c5fc97-1710936919"

When we try to send the same request, but where ownerType is PRODUCT, we get all metafield definitions we created for products. Can you advise us if request we are sending for customer metafield definitions is correct, or is there some issue on your side? We will need some answer as soon as possible since we need this to continue with implementation. 

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