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Getting customer metafields from the api

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Hello, I've managed to use the PUT and POST requests to add metafields to my customers. However, after the initial insertion of the data, i cannot update the metafields because i need to pass the ID of the metafield to update. However, I can't get the actually metafields using the shopify API.

I'm using https://stuff:stuff@domain/admin/customers/100.json to get the json data of a custom, but the metafields are missing. However, in liquid if i use {{ customer.metafields.namespace }} the data is present.

Any ideas?

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You never get metafield resources when you request a parent resource like a customer, product or variant. You have to request them with a separate API call. So when you request a customer resource you can subsequently request the metafield resources attached to it. Try that and you'll see your metafields using API calls.

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Yeah, I just found this out! I'm now using /admin/metafields.json?


and that's showing the ID's of the resources now. This wasn't very clear in the API docs, but hopefully someone stumbling across this thread will find it useful.