GraphQL Product API

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I manually import the CSV file and only use the API for exporting products. I retrieve all the information related to the products and save it on my local server in a CSV file. Once the CSV file is created, I manually import it into my store or another store. Could you please clarify if I can export metafields, both with and without definitions, using the REST API? If it's possible, how can I achieve this? Because the REST API response does not seem to include custom created metafields, whether they have definitions or not.

My main issue is that when I use the REST API to export products, it doesn't export the metafields, both with and without definitions. That's why I switched to using the GraphQL API, which provides me with both types of metafields, with and without definitions. I want to know if there's a way to get custom-created metafields with or without definitions using the REST API, so I don't have to use the GraphQL API. Both APIs have different structures, so I'm trying to determine which one is more suitable for my needs.

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