Graphql returns "Internal error. Looks like something went wrong on our end." - transient errors?

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I'm creating products, media, translations, metafields, etc. from clients ERP system in Shopify through Graphql. Infrequently, I get response back "Internal error. Looks like something went wrong on our end.". These tend to include Request IDs. Can I somehow get more information about these errors? Partner support told me to ask on forums.

These are some of the request IDs for requests which failed while creating/updating 500 products with 3 variants each, including translations across product/options/variants

  1. Registering translations for product variant option values
    1. 55a9a66d-6452-4177-92da-33d489d753d7
    2. d1be4028-1403-4852-900b-c0d4dcc09efe
    3. 01574c2a-e5b4-4ffd-8858-aea7aa63ace8
    4. 69de5427-e3dd-4fa7-927b-a31c2d882b7f
    5. e7288a06-f7d9-42e6-950b-4fee364505a2
    6. 7f03e250-9b8b-4706-8ad2-96476767dbf2
    7. fb30314f-f5cb-4145-8972-ce99cf1920f2
    8. c1cf70f7-a28d-43fe-b16e-5894f0535155
    9. 7471c8c3-09d9-40e9-83a4-acd3701db6b0
    10. 61a44f5f-56da-4515-9b86-7f0ee93700fb
    11. 7453beef-5243-44e1-b3b6-9241b5335a48

Interestingly, not all requests for translating variant option values fail - I'm curious if there is something common between requests which fail.

I have also seen some of these errors while creating products, metafields, etc. Are these considered transient errors in general, meaning we should try to send the request again? 

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