Metafields not displaying in product.liquid

Metafields not displaying in product.liquid

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We had a third party import values as metafields into shopify. I'm trying to use the metafields on our product.liquid page but they're not displaying. Here's an example of the code:

        {% if %}  
        <div class="description rte" itemprop="description">  
         <b>Material Color:</b> {{ }}
        {% endif %}


The name space is: global
Key is: attribute.material-color

Is it because of the period in the key? All the values that were transfered used that format; attribute.NAME.

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I use a simple call which just uses the namespace:

{% for field in product.metafields.mColour %}<b>Colour:</b> {{ field | last }}<br />{% endfor %}

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If you need to grab a specific metafield with a period in the name you can do so like this:

{{['attribute.material-color'] }}


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That worked. Thank you so much! I was having a lot of trouble with this.