Metaobjects displaying GID ID:s why? What is wrong?

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Im trying to make an ingredient page for our food truck. With that I made a Metaobject for each product.
Example: Ketchup, Mustard, etc etc.

And inside beside that I made another metaobject with the different allergies that the ingredients might have. Like example: Gluten, lactos, selleri, egg etc.

Now I manage to loop through the first metaobject with the different items and showing the information, But when trying to access the second metaobject that is linked inside the products metaobject, all the outputs are GID ID's with bunch of numbers. Why?


I mean, Ive trick to google, youtube etc etc but I cant understand what is wrong :S


{% assign innehall_lista = shop.metaobjects.ingredienser.values %}
{% for ingredienser in innehall_lista %}
{{ olika_allergener.typ  }}
    <section id="{{ ingredienser.ean }}" class="mat-ingredienser">
        <h2>{{ ingredienser.produkt }}</h2>
        <p><strong>Ingredienser:</strong> {{ ingredienser.innehall }}</p>
        <p> {{ ingredienser.innehaller_allergen }}</p>
        <!-- <p><strong>Maträtt som har detta:</strong></p> -->
{% endfor %} 
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Were you able to resolve it?

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No 😞

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Should be

{% assign innehall_lista = shop.metaobjects.ingredienser.value %}