Re: Private App API and Metafields

Private App API and Metafields

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Hi, I have a private app "Preezie" installed in Shopify and have provided read access for Inventory, Product Listings and Products. However, Preezie is still unable to obtain information stored in Shopify Metafields.

Can anyone please advise how I'm able to allow Preezie to to access information from Metafields at a product variant level?

Thank you.

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey Yani1!

If you app has read access to Products, it should be able to see a Variant's metafields. Could you post some more info about the problem you are having? Info such as:

  1. Are you using the REST API or the GraphQL API?
  2. Could you paste the query you are performing here?
  3. Do you get an error when trying to access a variant's metafields? If so, could you paste it here?


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