Shopify API custom metafield connection with Zapier / Moneybrid

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Hello Community,

I am running a Shopify webshop in the Netherlands. As standards in Europe, we need to collect our customers (B2B) VAT-ID. Depending on the country of my customer I have to charge tax or not. If my customer is from the Netherlands, I need to charge tax, otherwise I dont charge VAT. 

It is very important that the VAT number of my customer is on the invoice. I was kinda shocked when I figured out that Shopfy even can't collect the VAT-ID. Now I am using an app: "Advanced Registration" to collect my customers VAT-ID. This isn't the perfect method, because my customers have to make an account first before placing an order.

This is one of my problems, the other problem is that this custom metafield could'nt be captured by apps like Zapier. I am sending all my invoices through my administration program: Moneybird. The API of Moneybird can handle this all, but I can't forward the VAT-ID to Moneybird on some way.

I really like the way Shopify works and how smooth and easy it is, but VAT-ID is really crucial for us. Without this option I cant sell, so I have to find an alternative.

Any other people facing this problem? Any ideas about how to solve this?


Thanks in advance!

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Hi @-ZS 

We specialize in connectors from Shopify to other products, we'd be happy to check if we can set this up for you as a custom app. Please email me at



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