Re: The product/update webhook doesn't trigger with metafields

The product/update webhook doesn't trigger with metafields

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Hi there,

Metafields updates or insertions in a product or a variant should trigger the product/update webhook, according to this post . It's however not the case. I have a simple reproduction process:

# Returns

Alright, so here, we see that the webhook is up and running. I've even set metafield_namespaces even if it shouldn't matter.

Then let's fiddle around.

p = ShopifyAPI::Product.first
p.title = "#{p.title}."
v = ShopifyAPI::Product.first.variants.first
v.title = "#{v.title}."

Both correctly trigger the webhook.

However, let's try to play with metafields:

p = ShopifyAPI::Product.first
m = 'color', key: 'color1', value: 'red', value_type: 'string')
v = ShopifyAPI::Product.first.variants.first
m = 'color', key: 'color1', value: 'red', value_type: 'string')

Both correctly update their target with the correct metafield, however, the webhook is never triggered.

Our application needs to be constantly up-to-date with the store. This is a deal-breaker for us because this means our app is currently almost unusable. We have stores that have ~150K variants, so we can't afford to just trigger a full reindexing (it takes between 20 and 40 hours with the rate-limiting!).

Can your dev team please have a look at this? As stated in the introduction, it seems like it worked correctly before and a regression was introduced since at least 7 months.


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Any update on this? I just ran into the same limitation.

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This is not working for me either. The original post was simply closed without further comments from the developers.

Will you please respond on whether this will be reintroduced or not!


Thanks in advance.

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Bump. Shopify, please respond.

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@Julien Heller ,et. al  use if a response is needed, no such guarantee on the forum

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