Trying to send data to custom metafield via Webhooks by Zapier

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I am trying to set up a connection between MoonClerk and Shopify metafields using Webhooks by Zapier. We want to send the subscription status (Active, Pending, Canceled, etc.) from our customer profiles in MoonClerk to the custom metafield Subscription Status in the analogous customer profiles in Shopify.


Screenshot 2023-12-14 121643.png


I have set up the webhook in Zapier according to instructions from Shopify, and I have created a custom app in Shopify to generate the API needed. 




However, when I go to test the webhook, it returns a 406 error:

Screenshot 2023-12-14 121338.png

I cannot figure out why it's doing this. If it's a data formatting error, I'm not sure how to fix it. Any help is greatly appreciated as both Shopify and Zapier have stated that they can't help me any further.

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Shopify Partner
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@CJKeast from your Data payload, I can see the values entered are incorrect:


  "metafield": {
    "value": "Subscriptionstatus.pending",
    "value_type": "single_line_text_field"

"value_type" value can be retrieved by viewing the metafield definition (Settings > Custom Data > Customers > tea_club_status). You can find all the supported value_type from this link.


Hope this helps.