Using Shopify Custom Data for own App ?

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Sorry in advance, that this question might sound kinda dumb, but i currently am looking for a Product that fits my needs and would love to know if its possible with Shopify. 



Currently i have an App that is being produced by a 3rd party. I was thinking that i want the App and my future Shopify Store to be linked. As in: the User logs onto the Shopify Store and buys one digital license. At the same time, a metafield on his Shopify Account called "Active Licenses" changes from zero to one (or how many licenses he buys). Now the User can go onto the App and doesn't need to register but just login with his Shopify Store data. The Active Licenses is also pulled and shown as "1" or w/e value. 


Is such a process possible ? can i change values based on products bought ? 


Again this might sound stupid and obvious to some but i did some research and was still not any smarter. 

Any help would be appreciated.  

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