add GraphQL API to get products count

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There is a RESTful API to get products count by query:


We are using the API the preview the product count selected by customer, it is very useful.

Please consider to add the API in GraphQL API.



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Thanks @ecoworkhome. Agreed, that would be handy. Passing along your feedback!

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I have been writing Apps since the first API was released, and I still use this feature as part of my logic. I need to know how many products are in a store before I do certain sync operations. Making a quick call to count() was great. Now that the brainiacs have decided that is too expensive, what are we left with? Does Shopify seriously expect me to do a bulk export of an entire store to get started, and then babysit each and every delete and create myself to keep that number current?

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Killing the REST api for products and not having a simple count is crazy. I depend on it and I'm guessing a ton of other apps do also!

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I figured it out. There is a new GQL endpoint in 2024-04 that works as a substitute. It is accurate up to 10000 and after that you have to deal with the concept that there are more than 10000. 

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Hello Hunky Bill,

But how to manage for a store which contains more than 10,000 products then how can we get total products count via graphql API as now REST API > count.json is deprecated.

Can you please guide us ASAP?