How to Bulk Upload Collections via API Using Postman?

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Hello everyone,

I am trying to bulk upload collections to my Shopify store using the API and Postman. I need to create about 600 collections, but I am facing difficulties. I managed to create collections individually, but I need a solution to automate the entire process. Here are the details of what I have tried and the issues I encountered:

  1. JSON File with Collections: I have a collections.json file with the following structure:

    [ { "title": "chocolate", "rules": [ { "column": "tag", "relation": "equals", "condition": "fruta1" }, { "column": "tag", "relation": "equals", "condition": "fruta2" } ], "image": { "src": "", "alt": "Rails Logo" } }, { "title": "vanilla", "rules": [ { "column": "tag", "relation": "equals", "condition": "fruta3" }, { "column": "tag", "relation": "equals", "condition": "fruta4" } ], "image": { "src": "", "alt": "Rails Logo" } } ]
  2. Configuring the Request in Postman: I created a POST request to the Shopify API URL:


    Problem Encountered: Even with these scripts, only the first collection is sent. The others are not processed. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong or if there is a more effective approach to bulk uploading these collections using Postman.


    Question: Can anyone help me understand what I'm doing wrong? Is there a better or more efficient way to bulk upload multiple collections to Shopify using Postman?


    Thank you for any help or suggestions.

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