How To Use This Discussion Board

How To Use This Discussion Board

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  1. Choose the Correct Board: This board is focused on general GraphQL Basics and Troubleshooting. For questions specific to certain API objects (eg. Customers, Orders, Products) please post in the specific community board for those objects to get the best replies. Here's the board list: 


  1. Be Specific: Clearly state what you're trying to achieve, what you've tried so far, and where you're encountering difficulties.


  1. Include Your Query/Mutation: If you're having trouble with a specific GraphQL query or mutation, include it in your question. Make sure to remove any sensitive information.


  1. Include Error Messages: If you're encountering an error, include the exact error message. This can provide valuable clues about what's going wrong.


  1. Include Documentation Links: Share links to the specific documentation you're referring to to help everyone get on the same page.


  1. Be Respectful and Patient: Remember that the people answering your questions are often volunteers so please be patient and respectful in your interactions.


If you spot something that shouldn’t reside in this discussion board or needs to be removed let the Community know by clicking the Report button. 


A general reminder that all community members must adhere to the Code of Conduct and Community Guidelines as well.  


Thanks and we look forward to your participation! 


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