Probability of end-users failing to understand Product Options

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We're SKULabs and are very familiar with good and bad systems for managing product variations across a large variety of sales channels, shopping carts, and marketplaces.

A systemic issue with BigCommerce is that their options are so complicated end-users (sellers) can get themselves into a pickle that none of BC support, SKULabs support, their contracted BC developer, or anyone else for that matter can answer.

I foresee a significant risk that with Product Options and the implied permutations that come with them that Shopify's once "dead simple" variant system that simply had Variant SKU and Variant ID is now going to become the same headache that is BigCommerce.

All it takes is a headstrong new intern or contractor to start adding options on a seller's store which might re-permutate their catalog and destroy hard links to inventory counts and products in third-party systems that coordinate orders across a variety of platforms.


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