ANALYTICS HELP - Conversion Rate by New/Returning Visitors

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Hi all - I'm looking for some reporting help. 

I'm trying to figure out how to understand my online store conversion rate by visitor cohorts (New v. Returning) to get a better understanding of revenue per visitor (RPV). 

I can't seem to filter the "Online store conversion over time" Report by visitor type, nor the "First-time vs returning customer sales" Report. 


Is this an attribution thing? Is the "First-time vs returning customer sales" counting first time visitors who MAKE A PURCHASE as First-time customers, rather than say, a first-time site visitor?


Any help would be really appreciated!




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I think you can do that with google analytics not sure about native Shopify reporting tool.

Did you try GA?
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@keith_humancode  Personal print actually has a really great analytics panel for returning customer data! 

If has info about shopping cart evolution along orders, products most likely to be purchased by returning customers, promotions most likely to be effective at creating returning customers.. and a bunch more.

We're actually using it to send some automated personalized thank you notes to our customers for about a year -which is actually what they put forward-, and it's working amazing for that! (Gave quite a push in terms of return rate and organic social media posts too)