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Create collection by meta fields

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sorry if this is a silly question. 

in 2.0 we are nudged towards using meta fields for filtering. For us this job was previously done with tags.


metafields have advantages (ease of use, reduce input errors) but we’ve hit upon an issue. 

collections cannot be defined by meta field. This means in order to filter (mandatory) and create collections we need to input things twice. 

for example, we want to be able to filter a longer list of clothes to show only jumpers, whilst also having a collection that is ONLY jumpers.


for this to happen so we need to define the product as a jumper in both a meta field and the tag.


this is a duplication of effort. 

is there a way around this?

am I misunderstanding?

is there a good reason why you can define a collection by MF?

is there a workaround (flow maybe but even that would require a lot of work to cover all possible MF/tag/collection permutations?



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