Dynamic sources convert HTML to text in richtext field

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I'm facing an odd bug.

I've a multi-line text metafield linked to my product page as a dynamic source in a richtext field (the only one that supports it).

Schermata 2021-09-27 alle 15.56.34.png







If I include some simple HTML tag in the metafield value in the product, they are converted as text and shown in the page.

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If I add to the richtext some other text and use the interface to make it italic it's displayed correctly. I think that is a bug because there is no way to include some formatting in a metafield multi-line text using the customizer.

I've tried to use a single-line text metafield as a dynamic source of a text field and putted some HTML tags in it and it works like a charm, in a field that is supposed to strip that.