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How do I add new theme sections on Online Store 2.0?

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Screenshot 2021-08-31 at 14.23.04.pngHello,

Quite often, I create new Shopify sections which I use on some of our stores. On Shopify 2.0, I had thought that when I created a new shopify section, it would automatically detect it and then add it to the dropdown which consist of the themes default sections.

My question is: how do I add new theme sections to the themes default list of theme sections?

Granted, I know I can create the new template first and add it through the Schema, however there surely has to be a way where I only have to add it in one place?

Using the screenshot of the theme sections, I want to be able to add any new Shopify theme section into this part.

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You need to add a preset to your section schema, only then you can add the section in the theme editor. Without a preset you can only include a section statically using the {% section %} tag.

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