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How to change the Filters facets from a dropdown to normal list?

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I'm using dawn theme and the provided filters in collection page is displayed as dropdowns. I'd like to have them always open and in the sidebar area. How can I do this?

I tried to do it with css but no luck.

This is how the container div looks like after the page load

<details class="disclosure-has-popup facets__disclosure js-filter" data-index="1">

And after I click on any of the filter name/label, it expands with open="" attribute added.

<details class="disclosure-has-popup facets__disclosure js-filter" data-index="1" open="">


What can I do to change this behavior?

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Hi, may be you need to look like this 


if yes then you need to add custom code

  • component-facets.css code 
  • add padding on body content
  • <details id="Details-{{ forloop.index }}-{{ }}" class="disclosure-has-popup facets__disclosure js-filter" data-index="{{ forloop.index }}" open>Hope you get idea from here thank you
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I'd like it to look like this,




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i was wondering if you got this working, as i'm trying to accomplish the same thing on my theme.