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Internal server error

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Hi, I have 2 stores in development and would like to have them both in local but when I ran theme serve for the second, I got an error is already in use so I did

$ shopify theme serve --port=PORT

but now no port works, either or

And I have this message on the page for

Internal Server Error

No such file or directory @ rb_sysopen - /usr/local/Cellar/shopify-cli/2.10.2/gems/shopify-cli-2.10.2/lib/shopify_cli/theme/dev_server/hot-reload.js

WEBrick/1.7.0 (Ruby/3.0.3/2021-11-24) at


I'm not sure what to do, any ideas? Thanks!

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I am having the same error occur every time I save a file. If I refresh the browser a couple of times it ends up loading, but it's pretty frustrating.

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I refreshed it a lot of times but it's not working, my temporary solution is to put it on the 9293 port but I would like to fix it.

I uninstalled shopify-cli and installed again but I still have this message.

I have shopify-cli-2.11.2 so I don't get why it's looking in a folder 2.10.2 that doesn't exist anymore.

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Try seeing what process is using your tcp port, kill it and run the app again should work.


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I ran into this same issue and was able to solve it (on Mac) by doing this:

$ sudo lsof -i :9292


I saw a bunch of ruby threads running on port 9292. There was also a Google process, but I just focused on the ruby thread PID and I then did this:

$ kill -9 <PID>


After that, I ran CLI again and it was smooth sailing. HTH!