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Inventory Management for a try before you buy

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Hello! I am not sure if this is the right spot to ask a partner questions, but here it is.

I have a client that runs a style box that is a "try before you buy" concept and is looking to have an inventory management system put in place. The unique problem is SHE PICKS the items for the style box, not the clients so many of the tools I've looked at won't work. Any thoughts?

I originally planned to use a system and build the orders out as POs and convert to invoices once the customer decides what to keep, but started looking for a better way.

Thanks in advance.


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Let me propose a solution. How about integrating another platform that allows your business to manage inventory with the feature of Order/Inventory management and Return management that can be triggered by each users and not just the store owner alone to reduce the load and automate the process. The additional feature can be an approval order generated by customers if they want to keep the product and then processing orders as per it. So, basically, all your in-house processes are handled by an open-source ERP platform like Odoo with complete bidirectional integration with Shopify. You can get more details by Clicking on this line