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Pagination and url pramaters SEO issues

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I need some help with minor theme changes to help with SEO rankings.

I am using the free theme called venture.

So the issues are:

  1. Each of my collection pages are poorly formatted urls, so I want to know how the special characters like ? and = can be eliminated from these urls to make them seo friendly.

  2. When a user searches a query even then the URL is in this form - which is too bad for SEO because it has lots of special characters and looks spammy. Is there a way to make it SEO friendly sitewide whenever a user lands on a link through search queries?

  3. There are many URLs that are directing to the same page for example - the same product can be opened through collection, search query, tag based filters and directly each creating a different link. This kills the crawl budget and also creates duplicacy. How to avoid this? 

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