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Suspended domain

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I am writing here because I am really frustrated with the poor customer service of Shopify. It's the 4th time I am explaining my domain issue and each time someone in the live chat appears and immediately closes the chat saying that "it seems you are not on this page anymore" while I am right in front of my laptop. I have also emailed multiple times during the last week and explained the issue but received no answer. 


Now, my domain ( has been suspended because apparently, I should verify my domain by a specific date, however, there's no such thing in my domain setting. The email I received regarding that is as follows:

You need to verify your domain ( by 2022-06-28 20:00:00 -0400. If you don't verify your domain, the website and email for that domain will be suspended.
To verify your domain, click the verification link in the OpenSRS email you received. If you didn't receive an email from OpenSRS, resend the verification link from your domain settings.


I did not receive any OpenSRS email so far and there's not a link to verify in my domain setting. 

If you want to refer me to the Shopify help centre, please don't as I already tried that but it didn't work and no one is responsible. I need a direct and specific solution to my problem, as soon as possible. Thanks.

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