Update to .json template file removes content from sections within that template

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I'm using theme watch to push local file edits to Shopify on file save. I'm working on a theme that is not live if that matters. 

This is a repeatable thing so either I do not understand the idea of the theme set up or this is a bug.

I created a json template file, this file includes sections, those sections have editable areas defined by schema data (text, rich text, images). I have a page with this template and add content to those sections via the Theme customizer. 

Now I edit the template file locally (adding a new section), theme watch does its magic to bring it to Shopify and then all my content for this page is gone. All sections are empty.

Is this expected behavior ? 

shop-lp.json file : 

	"name": "Shop Landing Page Template",
	"sections": {
	"order": [


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