Abandoned cart - Conversionrate: 0,3 to 0,7%

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We have been running our shop for 4 years now. www.bidsart.com - We have build it ourself over time, and last year we had help from an agency to upscale texts and frontend to improve SEO and conversion. 
But our conversionrate is still very low, I think. 0.3-0.7% - Approx 1500 visitors/month - Products from 30USD-100USD mainly sold online. 

We had a facebook add campaing which drove 40 add to cart, in one week, but only 2 confirmed sales. 


We sell art posters and original paintings, and we have a fysical gallery in Copenhagen. Original paintings are only sold in the fysical store. Posters and litographs are sold online. 


Is this converison rate normal in our line of business?

Kind regards


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