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I've been looking into whether or not order metafields would be appropriate for a scenario I'm trying to deal with: let's say I run a shopify store that sells items with unique serial numbers. As the vendor, I don't know what serial number is assigned to the line items of an order until my fulfillment service actually fulfills the order. I think this could be handled with order metafields, but I'd like to be able to include this unique serial number info in the Shipping Confirmation email that goes out to my customer upon order fulfillment. 

From looking at the email variables documentation it appears as though product and variant metafields are accessible via Liquid, but not order metafields. Are there any enhancements planned to make order metafields available via the Liquid API? If not, what would be the best way to get this info from each order and apply it to the Shipping Confirmation email? 

Kyle B.
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Hi @ktbishop - On the off chance that your still looking for a solution. We've built an App that should help you. Check it out here and let us know if you have any questions. If your using the Order Printer App you can use variables to include the Serial Reference link.