Add required variant option

Add required variant option

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Hi everyone, 


Our website is on Dawn2.0.

we are wanting to give customer the option to have these products sent either assembled or flat for self assembly.

is there a way to add this as a compulsory required tick box or similar below the variant option? Would also need this to show on the order so we know which they have chosen.


options needed would be:


Self assembly (postage from £1.95)


Sent assembled (postage from £3)


thank you to anyone that can help.




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Hi @CraftacularCrea,


You can add this to your product page but this will require custom codes. You need a developer to do this for you

If this fixed your issue Likes and Accept as Solution is highly appreciated. Coffee tips fuels my dedication.
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Hi @CraftacularCrea ,


You can add 1 more variant product type with option Self assembly, Sent assembled.


Hope it help!

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