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We just updated our Out of the Sandbox theme TURBO to 8.0, which also puts us into Shopify 2.0. In order to access and update old product template/listing to JSON from Liquid we had to publish the 8.0 theme. So all but one product were using .liquid custom templates, or the old shopify default "description bottom" template. If worked fine for a few hours but after that the QTY box, add to cart and buy now button section became invisible. Cannot see anything there, but if I drag my mouse over that area and then click copy, and then go paste somewhere all the words are there (just completely invisible on the website). I ran another test and did a clean update to 8.0 one another draft theme, and the section in question DOES show up on product listings, just like it did with the first update when we first updated and first went live. No idea if some settings got changed after we went live, that would cause that section to go invisible, or if the Shopify servers just caught up with the new live them and caused a change on their backend somehow. Also, the thumbnails of product images below the main product image also went away.  I do note that the one product that uses a .JSON template does show the section in question, as well as the image thumbnails. HELP! Thanks!

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Can you provide your store URL ?