Adjust the Local Pickup option based on the Zip code

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Hey guys,

How are you today?

I have a question.

How can we adjust the Local Pickup option on checkout page based on the customer's Zip code?

As a note, I'm on Checkout Extensibility, Shopify Plus.

If we have to use the third-party app here, what do you recommend for this?

Please advise!

Thank you in advance!

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Hi Ecomdevstar,


To edit and customise how local pickup options appear on your store, you'd likely be working with the Delivery Customization Function API and the DeliveryCustomization object in our GraphQL API.  


There is an app called SupaEasy: Functions Generator that may be able to support your use case too. 


Hope this helps,

Liam | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 
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Hi Liam,

Thank you for your kind reply again.

So did you mean I need to build a custom app?

Can we implement it only using the checkout extension?

And I've just contacted the app team but they said it is a limit since Shopify didn't provide the API to disable and enable Option based on the specific condition.

I'm not sure you understood what I mean but I would like to disable or enable based on the customer's zipcode.

In other words, I would like to enable the pickup option based on the specific zipcode.

I had already been ever implemented using the custom js in the checkout.liquid file.

But I'm going to upgrade to Checkout Extensibility and so I need I would implement this function on the Checkout Extensibility as well. Kindly review the image below.

We can't see the Local pickup option coz of my custom js.

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Hi! In Shopify Plus, to adjust the Local Pickup option on the checkout page based on the customer's zip code, create shipping profiles with custom shipping zones corresponding to specific zip code regions, and assign the Local Pickup option as a shipping method within these zones. Also, for more advanced control, consider using third-party apps or you could create your own private app.

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