App Block Deep Linking Does Not Work When the Shop Language Setting Is Japanese

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Hello, I'm reporting an issue where App block deep linking does not work only when the language setting of the shop is set to Japanese.

Target Code

const handleDeepLink = () => {
        const template = "product";
        const handle = "app_name";
        const SHOPIFY_EXTENSION_NAME_ID = 'xxx';
        const deepLinkUrl = `https://${shopDomain}/admin/themes/current/editor?template=${template}&addAppBlockId=${SHOPIFY_EXTENSION_NAME_ID}/${handle}&target=mainSection`;, "_blank");

When the language setting of the shop is English, the deep link functions as expected.

However, when the language setting is Japanese, an error occurs, as shown in the below image.

スクリーンショット 2023-05-29 21.22.26.png

Does anyone know a solution to this problem?

I'm referring to the following document for guidance:

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I believe there is a typo. "SHOPIFY_EXTENSION_NAME_ID" should actually be replaced with "BLOCK_UUIID".


The block ID is reported to be available only after the initial deployment. To acquire it again, please follow these steps:

1. Go to Online Store > Themes > Customize.
2. Add your app block to the theme.
3. Save your changes.
4. Click the kebab menu (...) next to the theme name.
5. Select "Edit code".
6. Look for your app and block to obtain your BLOCK_UUID. It should appear as follows:

"type": "shopify://apps/YOUR_APP_NAME/blocks/BLOCK_NAME/BLOCK_UUID",


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Thank you for your response.

Upon checking, it appears that the ID is correct.

Given that it works when the shop's language setting is set to English, I think the ID is not the issue.