App block limitation of 25 interactive settings and 6 non-interactive settings is too strict

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The limitation for 25 maximum interactive settings, and maximum of 6 non-interactive settings is a major limitation.


Since Shopify is deprecating the Assets API and essentially forcing people to use theme app extensions and app blocks, migrating to app blocks is impossible for our app.


Our app's current widgets are highly customizable and flexible (a feature supported by custom blocks in theme sections). We have block definitions with anywhere between 10 to 60 settings, with non-interactive headers to help group and organize them. Users love having this level of customization with our app.


There is no way to migrate from old custom section and block templates added to a shop's theme via the Assets API to the app block system which has much stricter limits.


I would suggest that Shopify have much higher limits to let the app developers decide what is right for the user. I can agree that limits are always good to have, but in this case a limit of 100 or even 250 settings would be more appropriate.


Why such a high limit? Because developers should be able to provide the necessary functionality to their user's that they deem necessary. Let the developer decide "how many is too many". The high limit of 100 or 250 is simply to ensure the Shopify backend isn't abused by apps making one thousand or ten thousand settings.

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Thank you for the detailed feedback! I have share it with the product team!

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Seconded - we are hitting these limits as well and will need to reduce flexibility for merchants.

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Is there any update about when the app block limit will be upgraded? 

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Any updates on this? Either we save interactive settings by making our merchants custom liquid code or custom css which defeats the purpose. Please reconsider adding limitation to at least 90. It would need atleast 3 settings. 1 for label, 1 for text dynamic metafield or 1 from a page.