App-generated product sections

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I'm designing an app that will mine the store's data to generate additional content on product pages to increase the sales.

For example: generate a section with products similar to the one user is looking at - based on mined data (i.e. dynamic factors).


How to make it fairly generic - such that it works with any (or at least most/standard) stores?

For example, a merchant installs and app and "similar products" section appears as part of his product pages automatically? (and disappears on app uninstall)



It seems the only way to do it is via "script tags" but in this case, it seems quite tricky/hacky to be generating the section(s) I need in visually consistent fashion... Can a "script tag" retrieve a Liquid script via app proxy and have it rendered dynamically on the product page? Or is there a way to change the "product" section on install (and change it back on uninstall)?


If it's not possible to handle it via app install/uninstall - is it possible to add a new section file and provide manual instructions to merchants how to add it to their current theme (or just provide a new theme for it)?


Any insights appreciated!



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