App Proxy Fails Due to CORS Errors In Theme Customizer

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What is the problem?

I have a couple of public apps. It was brought to my attention that on some shops, the apps do not load inside the Theme Customizer.


Full Description / Reproducing the Problem

1. Have a test shop that has a read domain. The problem does not occur on shops that are only served on!

2. An app's JavaScript loads inside the iframe of the shop's storefront, generated inside the Theme Customizer.

     The iframe uses https://[shop_slug], not the real domain!

3. The app makes a call to the /apps/[app_slug]/some-route app proxy route. 

4. The request is made to https://[shop_slug][app_slug]/some-route - so far so good

5. Shopify's API automatically returns a 301 redirect to https://[REAL-SHOP-DOMAIN]/apps/[app_slug]/some-route - OK... but this would only work if CORS worked too.

6. The browser make an OPTIONS request to https://[REAL-SHOP-DOMAIN]/apps/[app_slug]/some-route - OK... my app is ready for it!

7. Shopify's API does NOT forward this to the app, instead it automatically responds with a 405 (Method not allowed) 😞

Because the options request failed, no other API calls through the app proxy are allowed...


I have tested using a request method that would result in a 405 from the app's backend, and those have a different 405 error message - generated by the app.

The 405 error message in the CORS flow is coming from Shopify's backend, so nothing is even reaching the app.


Please advise!

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Sorry about the typo. That was supposed to read "Have a test shop that has a real domain".

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Any feedback? Is this a known problem? Is there any plan for resolving this? I need to update the shop owner who identified the problem.

Thank you in advance for any help!

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We are having the exact same problem.  Calls to proxy routes from within the theme editor do not work with non-myshopify domains.

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I'm having the same issue