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We have an unlisted app on a client’s site that has suddenly started returning an error 500 response. We’ve not made any changes on our end recently and can confirm that visiting the app URL directly is working.


There seems to have been a lot of similar issues posted on here recently but most have not been resolved. It looks like the issue is that the app proxy URL is not sending requests to our app and returning a 500 error instead.


We have uninstalled and re-installed the app, deleted and re-instantiated the app proxy, both to no success. We’ve also checked that our apps SSL certificate is up to date passing all the checks at


Can anyone advise on how we can fix this issue? It must be something that has changed on Shopify’s ends that we don’t have control over.



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Hey @sampsonpete , 


Would you be able to provide some details on the shop this is occurring on and when it began? A rough timeframe of the most recent 500 error would be helpful too if possible, as well as the name of your app. 


I'm not aware of any recent changes made on our end, but I could definitely take a look at our logs and see if anything stands out. 

Josh | Shopify 
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Hi @Josh,


We’ve had to remove the app and create a workaround without it instead, to ensure the stores aren’t affected. This was done on 20 September 2019 and the error was still happening then.


The app was installed on, and When a user visited one of those stores we requested their IP info from and then sent it our Shopify app called ‘LONB GeoIP’. This had worked fine for over two years until the recent error.


We’re not looking to solve this now we have a workaround but it does seem to me that there must be an issue somewhere for so many partners to report similar issues recently.