App Proxy route redirects to password page

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Hi everyone,

I am developing a public app on a development store. When I try to access the app proxy on this store, it always redirects me to the /password page. I have seen this mentioned on the forums before but never with an answer, so sorry if I have missed something.

I need to access this app from a different app of mine, so I set up an app proxy on my development store, and I have set up my localhost with Ngrok. However, when I try to access the app proxy, whether it is from my other app, the browser, or Postman, I always get redirected to the /password page.

I have a developer store that is password protected by default:
 have a Laravel app running on my localhost, tunneled with Ngrok: Accessing my app directly with the Ngrok URL works correctly.
I have set up an app proxy with the following:

Subpath prefix: apps
Subpath: proxy
Proxy URL:

In the development store, the App Proxy URL shows as

However, when I enter that URL, it receives a 302 status, then redirects to
Ngrok does not show any attempts to access my app.

My laravel app is using this package: and works correctly inside the store. 

How am I supposed to access my app via the App Proxy if it always redirects to /password?

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usually this error occurs when you give store url instead of app url.check proxy url

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could you tell me how to deal with it

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Could you tell me how to fix this? From the frontend client side, we make post request to store url/ + proxy subpath and prefix correct?

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I also have this problem , how do I fix it , thank you for you 

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I'm having the exact same issues 2 years later... Would be awesome if someone could post a solution.

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Same Problem here in 2024 ...

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share your proxy url than i will suggest solution