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App Proxy serving wrong content

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Recently I have had a few reports from customer that a page we inject into an app proxy is displaying different content from what we are returning to Shopify.

Apparently, it goes away after a few minutes with a reload and is not replicable after that time.  Basically the proxy is serving content for a completely different set of url params then are in the actually url.  My best guess is that Shopify is caching content from our response and using a cached response to display the content instead of a new response.  However this is just a guess.  Is there anything I can do to check this or prevent this or anyway I can get some information from Shopify on making sure that the app proxy serves up fresh content?

This has started happening recently with no changes to our app.

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Hi @Andrew-Corknine 

Can you provide some specific examples that could be used for troubleshooting? Video of this happening, requests sent, etc. 


To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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I am not able to provide an example or video as we cannot replicate it, and on any url that is sent it goes back to working after a few minutes/hours.

I have received notifications from multiple users that this is happening and started last week.  In some cases it is even displaying content from a different store.  We have audited our responses and are sure that our app server returned the correct content but different content was displayed.