Attempted coding of my website theme and now I can't see my products

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I really hope someone can help me.

I have attempted some coding to my theme for my Shopify website - - to try and create a password protected sale collection for my members to access.  I followed the steps of a YouTube video ( ) and it made my products invisible on my website.  I followed all of the coding and other instructions, but when I couldn't see my products, I went back and deleted the coding and other bits that I had created, but I still can't see my products. 

I should stress that I've never attempted coding before, so go easy on me 🙂

Thanks so much!


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If this is a new theme install and you haven't put much work into just install a fresh copy.

Otherwise restore a backup export of the theme zip which you should have made before modifying code.

Or rollback the individual files. 


If you need this fixed and the customization professionally handled contact me at with this Topic details, store name, theme and relevant urls.

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