B2B Checkout + New Customer Account Edits

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Hi everyone,


we are currently looking at two new areas that came with the recent update but can't seem a way to edit any of them:

  • B2B Checkout
  • New Customer account


B2B Checkout
Either we want to edit the B2B version of checkout.liquid or direct customers to the standard DTC checkout instead of the B2B version. The main reason is that we want to enable customers can select their preferred delivery date and enter their Purchase Order Number (PO number).


Note: If we can not edit the B2B checkout liquid can we maybe redirect B2B customers directly to the standard DTC checkout liquid as we can customise that? 


New Customer Account

We have a heavily customised customer account specific to our needs where customers can e.g. change their delivery date or get a complete overview of what they have purchased. We want to customise this new account version (DTC and B2B) to include those features before switching over to that unified account. 



We got a very skilled development team and we are currently in the research phase but it seems like we don't simply have access to the liquid of those two areas.



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