blockshop new theme version did not update existing version

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I purchased the Blockshop Theme about 2 weeks ago. I have designed the site and we are pretty close to launching.

Blockshop, within the span of those 2 weeks, launched a new version. It did not automatically update our existing Blockshop version. I contacted support 4 times yesterday and they all basically said the same thing...."since it is a 3rd party [$250] theme, it does not automatically update and you will have to manually update the new version."

This will take me about 6 hours. I will have to take all the new content from the OLD version and add each page and product to the NEW version. Has anyone else experienced this? Apparently, free themes auto update. But, since it is a 3rd party theme, we must do it manually.

Before I start in on this 6 hour monumental waste of time, I was REALLY hoping that someone out there had some thoughts? Thanks much in advance!

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