Blogs standard URL filter /tagged/tag not working

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Current theme: Local 

I added the following code to create a filter for blogs

{%- for tag in blog.all_tags -%}
          class="button button--small {% if current_tags contains tag %} button--solid {% else %} button--outline {% endif %}"
          href="{{ blog.url }}/tagged/{{ tag | handleize }}"
          {{ tag | capitalize }}
{%- endfor -%}

I also tried {{ tag.handle }} instead of {{ tag | handleize }}


However blogs aren't filtered as intended, I searched for JavaScript code that could affect the filter's functionality but didn't find any


When I headed to navigation I saw this message "The current theme doesn’t support filters. " however after searching it should not affect the blogs filter it's only for the products filter and I ensured the URL format was working by trying the same URL on an old theme where the blogs got filtered correctly


Are there any other steps to take in order to debug this issue?

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Is your article loop wrapped in a paginate object?