Can I change the name of the business just for share in social networks like whatsapp and facebook ?

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When I share the url of the website on whatsapp, I get on the first line the name of the shop.


Can I change, by code ( Editing the meta title ) so when I will could manually change it from the business name to whatever I would like to?

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Hi UriWebfusion,


The previews that you see on platforms like WhatsApp (or Facebook, Twitter, etc) are pulling information from OG tags - and specifically the og:title property is what is being accessed for the title of the site preview. The values of these are typically defined in the theme (sometimes there's a Liquid snippet specifically for this, like on Dawn's metatags snippet here). 


If you want to change this you could replace the value of the content property that defines the "og:title". EG if your theme follows the same pattern as Dawn, this would involve changing `{{ }}` in `<meta property="og:title" content="{{ }}" />` to: `<meta property="og:title" content="Your Desired Title" />`. 


I'd recommend rather than hardcoding in a new title, you should instead use a metafield under the shop resource. 


For example, you might have a metafield with a namespace of `seo` and a key of `og_title`.

Once you've defined and set this metafield, you can reference its value in your theme's code like this: `<meta property="og:title" content="{{ shop.metafields.seo.og_title }}" />`

This liquid code will output the value of the `og_title` metafield in the `seo` namespace for your shop object.


Hope this helps and there's more info on how to work with og tags here

Liam | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 
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