cannot remove items on abandoned carts using Ajax Cart API

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I cannot clear cart or remove items on cart flagged as abandoned.


this is what is happening me now:


-Add products to cart using POST /cart/add.js


-Wait some time until cart as been flagged as abandoned checkout


-Return to store and call GET /cart.js

You will get what you have previously


-But, now you call POST cart/clear.js, It returns 200 ok.


-Call again GET /cart.js, nothing was removed from cart.


Now, I tried to remove one by one element using POST cart/update.js to update quantities to zero.

And this is what happens, lest say I have 2 items on my abandoned cart.


GET /cart.js  gets 2 items


POST cart/update.js update to zero item one


GET /cart.js  gets 1 item


POST cart/update.js update to zero item two


Call GET /cart.js  and boom! I get the two original items.


Is someone having the same issue?


any help would be greatly appreciated

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