Capping amount of orders

Capping amount of orders

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How would I cap the number of orders per hour that come in online so I can have a certain amount of customers come in at certain hours?

Ex: 10 customers every per hour of store business


also how do I have the website and and system to not fulfil orders automatically and have employees fulfill orders the next day when done.  For the orders done online after hours (store front hours) ?

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You could build a custom app that listens to your order count in real time, then when it reaches > 10 in the hour it disables the checkout button and add to cart buttons.


I wouldn't do that because it will cause a bad experience for potential customers. Instead I would think about the reason you want to do this and create a system that doesn't interfere with the ability of willing customers to buy from you.


You can decide if you want orders fulfilled automatically or not. It sounds like you have the setting turned on. Go to Settings > Checkout to change that. Reference:


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