Changing Metafield Input

Changing Metafield Input

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Hi Team,
New to 2.0 coding but need a simple change please
At the moment we have the Vendor above the Description - in this case its drawn from the Product 'Brand New Vinyl'

.. I would like it to be the 'SKU' on the Product Page..

See attached images.. 

Please advise how to 'swap out' the 'Vendor' for 'SKU'..

Many Thanks Jason

Screenshot 2022-08-27 12.02.17.jpg

Screenshot 2022-08-27 12.03.26.jpg


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Hello @James_Lee6 

Unfortunately, this setting only works with your product meta fields (the same type as you have in settings - a single line in your case), for title and vendor.
Other product fields doest work with theme edit settings.

Shopify docs:

If you want to use SKU in this settings field - you need to create new additional metafields with the same SKU code.

Example of how to configure it:

Andrei Kuchuk, Lead Shopify developer at SpiralScout

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