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I used Checkify and disconnected it, now i have Shopify Payments.


When i click on ''Add to cart'' direct from my collection i just get the regular Cart page.


But when i am on my product page and click on ''Add to cart'', i somehow see a Checkify page which leads to the Shopify Payments checkout. 

Please see my attachements which shows what i mean




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Hi @Saringo 

you should uninstall Checkify app and remove code from shopify theme files. You will get option for removing Checkify code from theme. 
Connect with Checkify support team for better solution

Alok Kasgar
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It seems that there may still be some remnants of the Checkify app in your theme's code, specifically in the code that handles the "Add to cart" button on the product page. When you click on "Add to cart" from the product page, it's possible that the button is triggering a function that is still referencing the Checkify app, which is why you're seeing the Checkify page and then being redirected to Shopify Payments.

To resolve this issue, you will need to review your theme's code and remove any references to the Checkify app.