Closing My Shopify store

Closing My Shopify store

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Hello, I haven't used my Shopify store since last year, and I want to completely remove it. My store is listed as inactive, and if I pay the bills the store can be reopened. My question is, in order to permanently close the store, would I have to reopen it and then shut it down? Or can I just leave it as inactive for the rest of eternity? I can't find a way to close the store while it's inactive. Thanks, and best regards. 

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Good for you! They are a useless company, with no customer service! They only want profit for their investors and dont care about their small customers. so many complaints! unbelievable they still manage to survive! they protect criminals who scam small people and never deliver anything after getting paid! They dont care as long as they get paid! No shame! Free for all on the web for the scammers and thieves! As long as they are protected by companies such as Zendesk and shopify!